Rob's Software

Rob's Maths (v1.0.0) - Young kids maths tutor / learning aid / tuition

A program to help kids to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Can set one or a combination of the above mathematical operations. Can set a maximum number to be used in the equations.


Rob's Hangman (v1.0.0) - Educational Language Game

A game of hangman which allows you to choose from 7 different word sets, can set the number of guesses allowed, and limit the length of the word selected.


Rob's Memory (v1.0.0) - A memory game

A memory game where the player must remember and repeat a sequence of arrows that point in 4 different directions. Speed of game can be changed. A high scores list is maintained.

Rob's Clock & Alarm (v3.0.1) - A clock / alarm / reminder application for your computer desktop

Provides a desktop clock, calendar and allows multiple alarm settings - such as once-off, daily, weekly. Can also add daily notes and reminder feature. 



General Information

All software will run on any Windows operating system that is running on a laptop or desktop computer, but NOT mobile phones or tablets.

Cost (all prices are in Australia Dollars):

To purchase software please email me at to organise payment and I will then email you the software (maximum file size is 2.5Mb).  Once you have installed the software email me your "Product ID" and I will send you the "serial number" that will register your product.  You are permitted to only run one instance of this software per purchase. Once installed on a computer, it's use is generally not transferable to another computer, even if you delete the original installation.